Saturday, February 11, 2012

Add This To Your Instant Queue...

Here are some "hidden gems" I have come across on Netflix. Great actors and great comedy, plus a few thought provoking pictures. Just get lit and watch.

9. Jeff Corwin Experience
: Having THE DREAM JOB, Jeff Corwin travels to extreme parts of the world to get up close and personal with the wildlife there. The guy has no fear of handling snakes or insects, and is full of information. But the bonus that puts this show ahead of other animal ventures, is Jeff's corny jokes and unexpected imitations. Its truly his experience.

8. Better Off Ted : Behind brightly colored sets and uplifting elevator muzak this show has a dark and cynical sense of humor. Poking fun at the total lack of human compassion large corporations practice from the view of its employees. The show ended after the third season, but perhaps the jokes were starting to loose their luster.

7. We Live In Public : This is a documentary of Josh Harris, the pioneer behind webtv. During the turn of the century he conducted an experiment where he shoved 100 NY club kids into an underground hotel and filmed every aspect of their lives. Even showering, sleeping, and using the restroom. His idea was to replicate a future society where the internet had abolished privacy. The film sheds light on how much privacy we have already freely given up. How much more will we loose in the future?

"I hate the internet. Everything stupid I've ever done might as well be tattooed on my effin' forehead!"
-United States Of Tara

6. Beavers IMAX : Another GREAT documentary. Much more mellow with no narrator and hardly any score. The film follows a family of Beavers over the course of a year. In which time they turn a small forest creek into a lake, get attacked by a bear and give birth to the next generation of loggers. Also it turns out beavers really make that "eaa" sound Norbert makes off The Angry Beavers. If your a fan of that show, you'll enjoy this.

5. The Colony : The Colony is a survival reality show where a dozen common citizens are placed in an "apocalyptic" experiment for 50 days. The colony members are met with every conceivable problem related to such situation. Like bandits and thugs, disease, theft, other survivors in need, and general tension between the members. Using the resources they have available they make their colony livable and work on a way to move everyone to a safer location. You come to love all the characters through their turmoils and find yourself rooting for their success in every endeavor. A great show with information that's genuinely helpful.

4. Spaced : A British sitcom starring Simon Pegg, Spaced is about roommates who are faking a marriage to keep their apartment. The show features other favorite actors from the Simon Pegg films. The series focuses on Tim and Daisy as they are simply trying to get on with life. Dealing with eccentric apartment tenants, getting stoned and making many pop culture references. If you're a fan of Simon Pegg and you haven't seen the series then you're missing out.

3. Trailer Park Boys : Hilarious Canadian show about Ricky, Julian and Bubbles. Three lifetime friends who grew up in Sunnyvale trailer park. The boys go through scheme after scheme trying to make money without having to get actual jobs. They get into some pretty odd situations like babysitting a driveway made of hash, and smuggling a model train full of dope across the border. Watch all the episodes, and both the movies.

2. Black Books : Another British sitcom, this is now one of my favorite shows. Bernard is an unkempt and very rude bookshop owner. Manny is his overeager, well-to-do assistant, who pretty much takes care of Bernard and his store. Fran is their friend who owns the neighboring nic-nac shop, and closes it down frequently during the day to hang out at Black Books. These three run into all kinds of odd social situations. The producers of the show consider it to be the sister show to Spaced, and rightly so. They're both freakin' funny.

1. My Name is Earl
: One of the best shows to ever grace Television. Earl Hickey was a petty criminal who decides to turn his life around after being hit by a car and discovering Karma. Believing that doing good things in life will make good things happen for you, and with the help of his brother Randy, Earl sets out to undo all the bad things he had done previously. Each episode is another tale of him attempting to undo a simple mistake and ending up having to go above and beyond to satisfy Karama and himself. Usually a moral tie-in with every episode and the BEST soundtrack of any television show. This series will touch your heart. PS: My Name Is Earl ended on a disappointing cliffhanger, and I've heard they're planning a movie sometime in the near future to wrap things up. I really hope it happens, the fans need closure.

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